Chalantika (on the move) is an itinerate print studio launched in 2017 with a mission as a community engagement initiative to introduce visual art to unique venues in unconventional ways and to discover the concept of the general people toward art. 

Besides working with established printmakers and multidisciplinary practitioners, Shunno also extends its collaboration through Chalantika with connoisseurs and art professionals, including writers and critics who serve as knowledge disseminators. We are ready to share our model as a case study with other networks to research, exchange resources, and collaborate with experts.

It irrigates inspiration into creating creative skills in the general people in an unconventional way. We believe everybody can present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. And this unique venture that seeks to take the entire forum of creative-minded people (including children) and art lovers living outside the mainstream circuit, in areas dubbed as backwaters, will help open a new horizon of possibilities.

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