Photography exhibition by Fahad Al Alam

July 19- August 10 2019

Fahad’s photographic practice surrounding vintage, out-of-date, analogue cameras and film allows us to reflect on passages of time and the memories that are often lost and found in the process, deliberately or otherwise.

Debris of the night

“I was chasing a new light led by a star a couple of years ago. born and raised in Naogaon, and later migrated to Dhaka. shaken by the gravity, I suddenly started exposing films on a plastic medium format camera and a mechanical SLR, I was drawn to multiple camera types and film formats and made it into one visual narrative. then it was time I started to write down the words which were trying to penetrate my mind. piles of memories were recorded based on some invisible thoughts which were lurking inside the landscape of mind. evaporating memories, burnt words started to collide. the stories in this show derive from my journey of the last four years and my transitions recorded on film or paper. a story of my own universe. I will continue to travel through the river of thoughts and heading towards the ocean by guidance from a mountain.”

Fahad Al Alam, 2019

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