Recent Exhibitions

Noncelestial Optics by Mustafa Zaman

Shunno Art Space presents a three-part exhibition of artist Mustafa Zaman’s drawings and constructions titled ‘Noncelesial Optics’ from 6th January to 12th February 2023. Read More >>

'Abayab' by Fahim Chowdhury

Verisimilitude, which is explained as ‘the appearance of being true or real’, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is what Fahim Chowdhury has dexterously achieved in his portrait series done during the Covid crisis. Two years of uncertain existence as a freelancer made the artist look for an alternative to sitting close to a person and trying a good likeness. Read More >>

Past exhibitions

Meta-Real is a walkthrough exchange programme between Dwip Gallery and Shunno Art Space under which two shows will commence on the 14 October 2022 and will last till the 31 of the month.

“Disruptive Transit” invokes a similarly experimental concept, yet, the distinction lies in a sheer discovery of an established artistic media and process, that of the print technique, with the objective to explore the conscious and subconscious mind.

The show amasses artworks incubated at Shunno over the last few months. The experimental nature of most of the entries evidence a long-term engagement by the participating artists as well as their sincere commitment to work between two or more methods.

Fahad’s photographic practice surrounding vintage, out-of-date, analogue cameras and film allows us to reflect on passages of time and the memories that are often lost and found in the process, deliberately or otherwise.

Working to arrive at a signature image, each artist of (ln)flux trandscended the boundary of the method and medium employed.

Workshop outcome show.

Celebrating show of printmaking in its multidimensionality

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