Mind Map is an initiative of Shunno studio designed to engage artists looking for opportunities to pursue their aesthetic goals in graphic. In line with the vision to contribute to the thriving art scene of Bangladesh Shunno bases its logic of operation on creative freedom and on an acute awareness about the visual culture and its current deposition in the society. Mind Map extends on Shunno’s ethos of serving the needs of the individual artist within the framework of an interactive aesthetic process where the minds converge to share and develop ideas.      

Mind Map has been conceived as a creative platform which facilitates artists inclined to create graphic multiples. By launching a workshop through which sustained studio-based practice would be ensured this programme seeks to provide technical assistance and facilitates knowledge sharing, Mind Map offers a comprehensive package of facilities to artists. Focused on both creation and distribution of multiples, this new platform operates as a multispace for artists of varied stylistic and experimental inclinations.

Launched to ensure a sustained engagement with artists inclined to materialize their respective aesthetic goals, this mutating creative cell also ensures the convergence of practice and theory.

Its primary objective is to play host to the young spirited exponents of the burgeoning Dhaka art scene so that they are able to build on their already established vocabulary or work towards arriving at one. To expand the scope of their creative vocabulary and to equip them with contemporary knowledge Mind Map will engage diverse personalities ranging from eminent artists, art critics, historians to literary figures.  

At its very first initiative, Mind Map has engaged 17 artists who, in the last ten days, have worked on —– etching plates to arrive at results that speak of their sincerity in tackling the medium to achieve an individual expression.     

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