Noncelestial Optics

Drawings and Constructions by Mustafa Zaman

1st February to 20th February 2023

Imagine a sentence that stretches from the celestial sphere to the Earth, or the terra firma, this is where the I/Other frame always resided. We live in a time when sentences are destined to lose their order and conversations tend to break down. These breaches speak for themselves; they mirror the worldly chaos, thereby pushing the human body to the edge of 'nowhere' and far from the erstwhile places it used to occupy. If heaven was a place where the speaking being made its appearance under the aegis of the creator, it is in the capital-driven world, in an accelerated time amid the rise of technologically mediated ocularcentrism (through the World Wide Web, Facebook, Instagram, etc) that communications became corrupted while the concept of human agency centred on an autonomous self/I slowly distances the body from familial/social networks. Noncelestial Optics is about the effect of technologised modernity on the speaking being whose connection to the world and the cosmos has long been on the verge of collapse and who is now left with some remnants of the past. Noncelestial Optics also wants to consider these remnants as building blocks for the coming world with which one must begin the the process of rebuilding.

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