Conveying a vignette of emotions and ideas using both traditional and unorthodox methods forms the basis of the exhibition entitled Transference. This is a site that emerged through the simultaneous negotiation of lived experience and psychic patterns. As exponents of printmaking, artists sought to transcend the limits of the methods employed while working their way through intentionality and accidents.
Transference brings together 7 artists with varying philosophies and languages of work: Mustafa Zaman, Mahadi Masud, Tahmina Hafiz Lisa, Farzana Ahmed Urmi, Shubho Saha, Kuntal Barai, and Iqbal Bahar Chy. Here, their experiments and explorations emerge as “encounters” between methods and minds.
Transference is on display at Shunno Art Space, and is open for visits every day from 6-9PM, 13-28 Feb, ’18. Come, visit and witness.

Transference is Shunno Art Space’s latest group art show, featuring artists from various trajectories and backgrounds, all of whose works converged on this show with one medium of work – printmaking – and the process of creation. The show brought together 7 artists who created and experimented with these works in the studio over the preceding few months.

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