Weekend Art Camps

The classes have been carefully designed as an all inclusive program, every week, inviting people to try out the artistic processes in holidays at the studio to explore their creativity. The main objective was to create a creative climate that enhances one's innovative capability. Thus, the participants manage to make visible their visions, and diversify their styles and strategies through interactions and knowledge sharing.

Play with Clay

Our Clay workshops offer a hands-on experience for children, teens and young adults. This workshop is suitable for both beginners and advanced learners; we welcome families with younger children and those wanting to take this lesson further at home.

Print your dreams

‘Print your Dream’ is a periodic weekend event with monoprint to spur images through a single impression (sometimes a ghost of the same).
The process starts by simply rolling or pulling colours from acrylic sheets or collaging coloured materials passed through a pressure roller.

Make your Mask

‘Make your mask’ is an initiative to develop the skill of creating a  mask with paper or found objects.
The process starts by simply putting together cardboard, paper cups or any household.  Collaging them in the shape of animals or human faces is fun.

Alternatively, participants were given blank hand-crafted paper masks to paint as they choose. This session benefits all especially children to develop their skills towards the colour schemes and inspire them to create similar crafts of their own.

Weekend Events

This pedagogical activity runs in single or several sessions with small or large groups that begin with introducing theoretical and historical notions around creativity. Practical exercises integrated into in-class discussions occur through interactions. We also host shows, talks, or events to interact. An evening cafe fosters guests to hang around with family or friends in a creative climate.

Sound Bath

‘Shur Snaan’ (Sound Bath) is a musical initiative of Shunno Art Space that encourages the celebration of the intrinsic self through the realm of sound and silence. The session offers a conscious listening experience that would meet your soul’s longing for communion with the unchanging eternal bliss.

Moner Kotha

Emotional, Psychological, and social well-being interrupts the thinking process.
On this note, a group of professionals address mental health issues. The sessions are not only to explain the typical temper of the human psyche but also to advise the solutions.

Paper craft

In modern usage, the word “origami” is often used as an inclusive term for all folding practices. The goal is to transform a flat square sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding and sculpting techniques.
We encourage all to learn and practise ancient techniques to develop mathematical senses.

Film Screening

We may learn a lot by watching movies. Movies may motivate us to make positive changes in our lives, and movies’ strong characters can inspire us to do the same. Shunno looks for films which can address the issues around us to provoke one to think critically.

Puppet Show

Shunno invites puppet groups to collaborate in table top puppet shows. This sessions are planed to deliver social issues and awareness programs to teach kid’s for kids. Its a pedagogical module to interact with children and discuss their opinion to the solutions.


‘Ragasroyee’ is a musical event of SHUNNO introducing musical initiatives.
Semi-classical, a genre derived from Sub-continental Classical Music, offers relaxation from the structural limitations of pure classical and allows artists to be expressive through classical-based lighter tunes.

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