Recent Workshops

Sculpture workshop by Nasimul Khabir

This was a great opportunity to learn from a professional sculptor and meet other artists in a supportive and creative environment. Sculptor and Teacher Nasimul Khabir conducted the workshop to teach four methods of Sculptere. Read More >>

'Plate Lithography' by Juton Chandra Das

Artist Juton Chandra Roy, conducted a plate lithography workshop for non-printmakers. This workshop was designed for individuals who want to learn more about lithography and its various applications in printmaking.
During the workshop, participants learnt about the principles of lithography, especially plate lithography. Additionally, witnessed the materials and equipment used and the various steps involved in the lithography process. Read More >>

Past Workshops

It’s a relatively simple and affordable process that is accessible to a wide range of people. The process involves environmentally friendly non-toxic chemicals with therapeutic usefulness. It’s a fun learning process with a blend of chemistry, creativity and photographic facts. Artist Mahmuda Siddika conducted the three-day workshop.

Artist and writer Mustafa Zaman led the drawing workshop to communicate the fundamentals of drawing and develop your skills/notions with some specific guidance. This workshop is designed for both professionals and those who want to improve their drawing skills.

This program was designed to supplement and enhance formal art education provided in schools and provide a more informal and creative environment for artistic exploration.

It was initiated to offer art-related activities, instruction, and opportunities for children and young people outside of regular school hours.

Our outreach program refers to an initiative or organized effort by Shunno to connect with and provide services or support to a specific target group or community.

Under this program, a group from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spend a whole day in the studio to try-out print and other art media.


‘Six to One’ is on acid-free etching workshop on aluminium plates conducted by Canada-based artist Alamgir Haque, who mentored 6 participants from various disciplines for a month to ensure the best outcome of this green method of printmaking.

Mind Map is an initiative of Shunno Studio designed to engage artists looking for opportunities to pursue their aesthetic goals in graphics. In line with the vision to contribute to the thriving art scene of Bangladesh Shunno bases its logic of operation on creative freedom and on an acute awareness about the visual culture and its current deposition in the society.

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